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The Queen Lewis

Built in the early 1900’s The Queen Lewis is a classic, Victorian home in Leslieville, Toronto, Canada. The interior design of the home takes inspiration from South Asian influences, such as the powder room peacock wallpaper, which pays homage to India's national bird.

The clients, Shane and Al, who are both true social butterflies, love opening up their home to friends, family and neighbours as they host spectacular dinners and boisterous parties! As the perfect party backdrop, moody, dramatic spaces evoke the grandeur of ancient Indian royalty through deep rich jewel tones and brass fixtures used throughout the home. The home was designed to be inviting, bold, and to function for every type of occasion with an effortless ease, while reflecting the unique personalities of our clients.

We injected character and details reminiscent of the Victorian era home through new plaster crown mouldings, substantial baseboards and sizeable window & door casings. Mouldings have the opportunity to transform a space, breathing instant charm and old world feel into any room. And with clever millwork design, many of the obstacles and eyesores synonymous with renovated Victorians (namely posts, beams, jut outs in the walls, radiators and surface mounted air conditioning units) were neatly disguised behind beautiful cabinetry.

The colour palette took shape organically and became definitive upon discovering the Alison Rose Euclid tile from Artistic Tile - setting the stage as you enter the Foyer vestibule. The use of bold, unexpected colour choices, paired with classic architectural detailing, creates a striking backdrop for the contemporary furnishings and decor. The Queen Lewis is a unique, sophisticated, and daringly moody home that inspires great conversation about the stories of the people and objet in the space.


Jack Creasy, Jack Creasy Design


Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry


Patrick Biller



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