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"As a downtown family with only one child condo living worked for us. We were not particularly interested in moving into a house, but at the same time we wanted our condo to feel more like a residence/home. We purchased a larger condo, but with its completion a few years away we felt like our current space needed an upgrade.

As someone who loves design and decor I was not sold on the idea of hiring a designer because I felt I didn’t “need” one. My husband was told about Jack Creasy Design from one of his colleagues. I thought we could talk to him and see what he had to say. Once we had our first zoom call with Jack I knew I liked him. I felt he was down-to-earth and could rejuvenate our space. I spoke with a few other designers and realized Jack seemed like the best fit for our personalities and style.

He created a beautiful design presentation for us. After seeing it we grew more certain with our decision to work with Jack. The process was seamless. He knew what our concerns were and everything was addressed in the designs he shared with us. He was responsive to anything we were unsure about. We were completely comfortable throughout the whole design process.

The execution was much better than we expected. Through other friends we heard about the horrors or renovations. But to our surprise everything was smooth. Things were done on their timeline. We were never left in the dark on anything. We kept raving about the process and how enjoyable it actually was. Jack and Amar were always there for us if we had any questions or concerns.

The final result was beautiful. When we walked into the renovated condo we felt as though the space was perfectly designed for us. Jack completely understood our style and aesthetic and the final product exemplified this. The space is stunning and Jack’s attention to detail really shows throughout. We usually enjoy going out, but now we love to stay home and take in our space. Jack created a home that we want to share with loved ones. We love entertaining and the beauty of the space really shines when we have friends or family over. It is warm, welcoming, and glowy. We are grateful to have such a lovely home designed by Jack Creasy Design."

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