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"When we set out to build our dream home, the one thing we knew for certain was that the kitchen would be the heart of our home. We had always had small, tight spaces, that made my joy of cooking a bit more challenging to truly enjoy. Our wish list was lengthy- timeless elegance, a bit of edge, all of the function and something to make it truly unique and our own.

After seeing many of Jack’s gorgeous designs, we were happy to have an introduction, and knew from his questions that he would approach our project with the goal of really understanding our family, to make this space everything we needed. He was committed to understanding our visions and goals and helping them come to life. Jack took time to have us imagine the biggest meals of the year, and what that would look like in an ideal space, and brought that to life. He asked questions about how I cooked that I had never even pondered- and as I use every drawer, insert and pull out, I understand why.

After spending years dreaming of our kitchen, we already had a few key elements chosen- like our gorgeous Lacanche range! It was incredible to work with a designer who already knew the brand and could help me refine even the most technical aspects of my range to marry function with beauty. Jack made us feel so confident in every selection and choice, and together we were able to create the most glamorous and functional space that seamlessly combines form and function. We feel so lucky to spend time in this beautiful space every single day."

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