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Drumlin Farm


Jack Creasy


Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry


Virginia Macdonald

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JG Robinson Bldg Construction Co

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Large center island with blue paint, a white marble top, and custom millwork and cabinetry. The stylish and functional design creates a focal point in the kitchen, enhancing both aesthetics and utility.
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Crafting Culinary Harmony.

The Drumlin Farm Blue Kitchen.

The Drumlin Farm Kitchen project stands as a hallmark of Jack’s dedication to blending functionality with aesthetic grace. This venture embarked on transforming a traditional farmhouse kitchen into a beacon of culinary and communal delight, embodying the essence of the home's soul.

The journey began with a vision to revitalize the old galley kitchen into a vibrant center for culinary arts and gatherings, echoing the client's dreams of a space that fosters cooking joy and the warmth of family reunions.

My role as the designer was to elevate this vision into reality, focusing on optimizing workflow and introducing dynamic versatility to meet the multifaceted demands of daily life.

Challenges were inherent in this project, notably in marrying the kitchen's diverse roles within the architectural tapestry of the farmhouse. Transitioning from the cooking space to the dining area to the home's main entrance required a thoughtful design approach. The discovery of structural intricacies with the removal of an elevator prompted innovative solutions, like incorporating reclaimed barn-board along with one structural post and one decorative faux post to elegantly delineate the kitchen island, enhancing both its function and form.

The culmination of this endeavour exceeded expectations, illustrating the power of collaboration and craftsmanship. The kitchen now boasts a Sub-Zero 36” integrated fridge, emblematic of both elegance and culinary efficiency, alongside a 48” Wolf range that promises professional-grade cooking experiences.

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Beyond the high-end appliances, the space is designed to touch the soul; the larder pantry, mimicking an exquisite armoire, offers a practical yet charming solution for storage, while the coffee bar hutch in the breakfast room adds a layer of whimsical allure.

The Drumlin Farm Kitchen transcends mere renovation, evolving into a story of culinary excellence and design innovation. It serves as a testament to the journey of transforming everyday spaces into realms of beauty and practicality, marking another successful chapter in Jack Creasy Design's portfolio of creating spaces that not only look magnificent but live beautifully as well.