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Discover the Art of Bespoke Living with Jack Creasy Design

At Jack Creasy Design, our personalized services are crafted to bring your dream space to life with meticulous attention to detail. Starting with an initial consultation, we tailor our approach to understand your vision and preferences. For those who prefer the comfort of their own space, our virtual consultations offer flexibility without compromise. Our full-service design goes beyond the foundational elements to include soft furnishings and decor, ensuring every aspect of your renovation or new construction resonates with bespoke elegance.

With JCD, every touchpoint of the design process, from concept to completion, is handled with precision and care to create a space that’s uniquely yours.

Our Design Services

Transforming Spaces with Creativity and Precision


Begin your journey to your dream home with Jack Creasy Design's personalized consultations. Every transformation starts with a conversation - whether it’s just an hour with a design expert to answer your pressing questions or the first step to beginning your renovation or new home build, a consultation is the best place to start.

We believe in dialogue's transformative power to bring your vision to life with creativity and expertise.

Jack Creasy providing design consultation services


Experience the convenience of designing from anywhere with our Design Anywhere, Create Everywhere: Virtual Design Services.

Collaborate with our design team online, receiving a custom design plan with drawings and project details. This plan empowers you to manage quoting, sourcing materials, and coordinating with builders and contractors, ensuring your project aligns with the original vision.

Our virtual design service offers a practical, affordable solution, streamlining the process to create beautifully crafted spaces, accessible from anywhere.

Beautiful office with computer for virtual design services by Jack Creasy

Furniture & Decor

At Jack Creasy Design, we excel in crafting bespoke furniture plans to optimize space and reflect your vision.

From procurement to installation, we ensure seamless harmony in every element, including custom furniture design and development, and white-glove services for a flawless finish, enhanced with curated art and accessories.

Beautiful luxury chairs for furniture picking services by Jack Creasy


Start an exciting renovation or remodeling project with Jack Creasy Design. We collaborate closely with you, your architect (as needed), and your builder/contractor, ensuring every aspect reflects your unique personality and preferences.

Our process begins with understanding your family, lifestyle, and aspirations, resulting in a seamless and rewarding experience.

Mood board for textures, surfaces, and walls for renovation services by Jack Creasy

New Build

At Jack Creasy Design, we specialize in seamlessly integrating innovative and thoughtful designs into new construction projects. Working closely with you, your architect, and your builder, we ensure every detail reflects your vision and lifestyle.

Our approach combines effective communication, creative flair, and technical expertise to deliver beauty and functionality.

New House Build Service by Jack Creasy