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Indus Park


Jack Creasy



Patrick Biller

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Living room with comfortable beige pastels and beige walls, featuring mixed-height tables to add personality. The design creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
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Transforming Yorkville.

A Testament to Fusion and Functionality.

Standing at the threshold of a 1000-square-foot condo in the vibrant neighbourhood of Yorkville, Toronto, I was struck by the potential that lay hidden within its walls. This space, marked by the challenges of an unexpected flood, was not merely a project but a narrative waiting to unfold—a narrative of transformation and renewal that would come to be known as the Indus Park project.

As the Principal and Creative Director, my vision transcended the mere aesthetic overhaul. It was about tapping into the essence of the space, weaving together a story that reflected the young family's quest for a peaceful retreat amidst the city's dynamism.

This journey of renovation was a delicate dance of blending diverse cultural influences into a harmonious living experience. Inspired by the serene aesthetics of California and enriched by the intricate motifs of Persian, South Asian, and Moroccan designs.

The project embarked on a fusion of styles, textures, and colours that promised to reinvent the condo.

The living room became a testament to this vision, where soft bouclé met the rugged elegance of travertine, all under the watchful glow of brass accents. The kitchen's transformation, highlighted by Farrow & Ball's Calke Green, became a bold statement of style and functionality. The dining area, set against the backdrop of solid oak and blush velvet, stood ready to journey with the family into their future, embodying the project's commitment to sustainability and foresight.

The narrative extended into the bedrooms, where whimsy and serenity played leading roles.

The Principal Bedroom, wrapped in heron wallpaper and bathed in the soft hues of Queen Anne Pink, offered a tranquil escape.

The son's bedroom, with its playful geometric patterns and teal accents, captured the essence of youthful imagination.

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Even the bathrooms, often relegated to mere functionality, were envisioned as sanctuaries of luxury and relaxation. Through the use of custom cabinetry, artisan tiles, and thoughtful design, these spaces were elevated to realms of rejuvenation and elegance.

The Indus Park project, in its entirety, stands as a collaborative symphony of dreams and design, showcasing the transformative power of interior design to create spaces that not only meet the eye but touch the soul. This Yorkville condo, now a beacon of style and comfort, embodies the spirit of its inhabitants and the visionary journey of its transformation.

It is a reminder that within every space lies the potential for renewal, for beauty, and home.