Project Name

The Minster Kitchen


Jack Creasy


Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry


Angus Fergusson

Other Vendors

Whitehall Homes & Construction , Styling Stacy Begg and Jennifer Koper

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Kitchen featuring an island with a white marble top on a green painted base with brass finishings, set on a hardwood floor. The design is accented by a back wall of white marble and a green wall adorned with plates, creating a stylish and cohesive space.
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Crafting Culinary Brilliance.

The Minster Green Kitchen.

The creation of the Minster Kitchen marked a pivotal moment in my career, blending visionary design with unparalleled craftsmanship This project emerged from a deep collaboration, aiming to encapsulate the essence of culinary brilliance and aesthetic harmony within a single space.

At the heart of our vision was the desire to craft a kitchen that not only highlighted the clients' extensive collection of China and flatware but also mirrored the vibrant and bold decor of their home.

My task as the designer was to weave their dreams into a space that radiated functionality, warmth, and sophistication, transforming their aspirations into a tangible reality.

The journey was one of meticulous planning and creative exploration. Each element of the kitchen's design was chosen with precision, from the layout of work zones to the selection of materials, all aimed at celebrating the beauty of culinary spaces.

The challenges were many, including adapting to the kitchen's curved walls and optimising the limited wall space without compromising the room's grandeur.

Yet, each obstacle became a canvas for innovation, pushing us to think beyond conventional solutions and craft a kitchen that was as cozy as it was functional.

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The fruition of our efforts was nothing short of spectacular. The China display became a striking feature, elegantly showcasing the clients' prized collection while harmonizing with the kitchen's dynamic aesthetic. The central island emerged as a cornerstone of creativity, equipped with bespoke storage solutions that catered to the client's every need. Anchored by a commanding range and framed by luxurious marble, the cooking area became the heart of the kitchen, inviting both culinary exploration and social gatherings.

The Minster Kitchen transcends the ordinary, standing as a monument to the art of kitchen design and the relentless pursuit of perfection. It is a space where every drawer, every backsplash, and every countertop tell a story of dedication and innovation, blending the practicalities of cooking with the unparalleled beauty of bespoke design. This project not only reflects the pinnacle of kitchen aesthetics but also embodies the transformative power of interior design to enrich our lives and elevate our homes.