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The Queen Lewis


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Kitchen featuring a stove and sink, custom green cabinetry with brass finishings, and detailed millwork. The elegant design elements create a stylish and functional cooking space.
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The Queen Lewis Redefined

Nestled in the historic enclave of Leslieville, Toronto, The Queen Lewis rises as a testament to the enduring beauty of Victorian architecture, reimagined through the lens of Jack Creasy Design. Drawing from the rich tapestry of South Asian culture, the design of this early 1900s home is a celebration of intricate geometries, patterns, and epic tales of ancient India—a narrative deeply rooted in the client's love for the region's history and heritage.

Shane and Al, the owners, are quintessential hosts known for their lively social gatherings. Their home now stands as a backdrop for celebration, echoing the splendour of Indian royalty with its deep, rich jewel tones and brass fixtures.

“The redesign infused the space with an inviting boldness and a versatility that caters to every occasion, mirroring the vibrant personalities of its inhabitants. The journey began with honouring the space's layout while enhancing connectivity between rooms, preserving the walls' integrity to maintain the home's distinct character.”

Attention to period details was paramount, with new plaster crown mouldings, substantial baseboards, and sizeable window and door casings paying homage to the home's Victorian roots. Custom millwork cleverly concealed less desirable elements, ensuring the new aesthetics remained unblemished.

The selection of the Alison Rose Euclid tile from Artistic Tile marked a defining moment, setting a dramatic stage upon entry into the foyer. The juxtaposition of bold colours against classic architectural details creates a striking visual narrative, complemented by contemporary furnishings and decor.

“The design process was a meticulous orchestration of meetings, conceptual planning, and careful curation of fixtures and finishes to address the unique challenges of the space.”

With a deep understanding of the client's wish list and entertaining needs, our team crafted a vision that was grand yet intimately personalized.

Throughout construction, our presence on-site was crucial, ensuring the design vision was accurately translated into reality. Our collaborative approach with the contractor saved time and resources while solidifying a shared commitment to success.

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“The completion of construction marked the beginning of the final styling phase, where every piece was meticulously installed to reflect the design intent.”

The ultimate reveal to Shane and Al was a moment of triumph—a celebration of a journey that transformed their home into an embodiment of cultural elegance and functional design.

In every corner of Queen Lewis, from the metal and glass vestibule doors to the cocktail dry bar, weaving cultural narratives into the fabric of a home is vividly displayed. This project stands as a declaration of our philosophy: that spaces should not only be beautiful but should reflect the essence of those who inhabit them.