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The Roxborough


Jack Creasy


Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry


Patrick Biller

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Recognition Sub Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design, Contest Global Finalist

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Kitchen featuring an all-white marble center island with a steel sink and globe lights above. The elegant design creates a modern and luxurious atmosphere.
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The Roxborough

The Roxborough project marked a transformative journey, blending the rich heritage of an 1893 Victorian home with the pulse of modern sophistication. This design odyssey,, was not merely a renovation but a celebration of classic elegance and contemporary innovation.

The ambition was to re-envision the dated '80s kitchen into a space that would honour its historical roots while embracing a bold, modern sophistication.

The vision that came to life through a meticulously curated colour palette, inspired by a cherished bear painting the client had hanging in their dining room. The project commenced with the unique challenges presented by the pandemic, which became a catalyst for creativity and adaptability. Virtual consultations and detailed planning allowed us to maintain the intricate design process, ensuring every aspect of the kitchen was perfectly aligned with the client's aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

Throughout the transformation, we navigated through heritage-protected constraints and the clients' hesitancy towards bold colours, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for creativity.

The result was a harmonious blend of the home's storied past with a dash of daring contemporary style that surpassed all expectations.

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The kitchen's centrepiece, a custom metal range hood, and a majestic marble island serve as dramatic focal points, while the Sub-Zero integrated fridge/freezer melds seamlessly with the elegant armoire-style cabinetry. The dual-fuel Wolf range underscores a commitment to professional-grade culinary performance, meeting the diverse cooking needs of the clients.

In conclusion, the Roxborough project stands as a testament to the artistry of design and the efficacy of collaboration. It tells a tale of innovation and craftsmanship, where every element, from the custom cabinetry to the integrated appliances, contributes to a narrative of timeless elegance, manifesting a space that is not just seen but felt. It is a culinary masterpiece that captures the essence of transformative design, leaving a lasting imprint on the tapestry of home and heritage.