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At Jack Creasy Design, we excel in crafting bespoke furniture plans to optimize space and reflect your vision.

From procurement to installation, we ensure seamless harmony in every element, including custom furniture design and development, and white-glove services for a flawless finish, enhanced with curated art and accessories.

Benefits of Furniture & Decor Design


Tailored furniture plans optimize space and reflect your vision, including custom furniture design and development, ensuring a unique and harmonious design.

Seamless Process

From procurement to installation, our team oversees every element, providing white-glove services for a flawless finish, ensuring your space is beautifully curated and ready to enjoy.

Enhanced Design

Elevate your space with curated art and accessories, integrated seamlessly into your design plan, adding depth and personality to your interior.


Concept & Finishes

Crafting unique design concepts and selecting interior finishes and materials that align with your vision and budget. Our team manages all details, from light fixtures to paint colours, ensuring every aspect suits your style and requirements.


Developing space plans and furniture layouts for optimal functionality. We create furniture placement designs to maximize space utilization and flow.


Curating a selection of furnishings, including any sentimental pieces, to complete your home's look. Our styling team adds finishing touches to elevate your design and tell your story.


Ensuring your design is realized during construction. We conduct on-site visits and manage design aspects to maintain the original vision.


Handling procurement and expediting for timely delivery of materials and furnishings. We take care of all the details to ensure a seamless installation process.


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